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“Ugly Face Breaks 2” by STLNDRMS

“Ugly Face Breaks 2” by STLNDRMS


Ugly Face Breaks did so well that I wanted to take the experience (and most of the money I made) creating the first pack and turn it into a new one. Over 60 more Analog recorded and mixed dry, dusty, ugly, drum breaks. Vintage sound with current fidelity and that STLNDRMS signature pocket and swing.


Once again, Crazy patterns, straight ahead grooves, that bounce... It's all in here. Multiple microphone configurations, Multiple hardware setups, Multiple mixing techniques. Crazy tape saturation, that clean wide punchy sound, that all out analog distortion thing. Some perfectly mixed super clean loops... I added a ton of different mix styles this time to bring you a proper variety pack of vibes. 


This pack was again almost all analog. Picked up some new snares (Acrolite, Jazzmaster etc), a new set of shells (vintage Japanese on these) and some vintage hi-hats.  I tracked into LUNA with the vintage mics again… Added a few new ones to the list this time. Then I came out of the computer into my custom vintage transformer based preamps, into a Neve 8816 summing console then into a tube compressor, a reel to reel tape machine, a vca bus compressor and some diy pieces. This time I mixed in some clean files some dirty files and some demolished tones too. Giving you a solid variety of sounds textures and styles to choose from. 

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