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"Keys Open Doors" Sample pack

"Keys Open Doors" Sample pack


50+ different loops. (Drums, Bass, Pads, Leads and FX) A proper pack to cook with.

Lets talk about this project. (Skip to the bottom for the TLDR) This is a first for me, Keys Open Doors is a sample pack I put it together over a few days using the live looper in Abelton... It’s my new favorite way to make beats… The whole session is ran out of Ableton via busses, thru an alalog mixing console (A&H WZ 20:8:2) into UAD emulations (Studer tape, Distressors, LA2As, Pulltec Eq’s, Tape echos, Plate/Spring Reverbs etc etc) then piped back into the computer via Luna… In Luna I’m doing my mixes via those stems… Its a bit of a destructive workflow and it adds hella noise and hiss and texture but I kind of love all those things so its a win for me… I think it gives a unique sound as well. 

Let’s talk about sounds… Theres some analog goodness on here sound wise too… The Prophet 6 is all over this project. I love the sound of this thing. Theres also a ton of my favorite sounds in the box also… Ive been spending all my lunch money on soft synths for a long long time and its all here. The drums in here are wild too hella different sounds and texture and processing techniques.

The Sounds are broken up into 5 groups / stems. Each track has Drums, Bass, Pads, Leads and FX, (The FX channel has some crazy stuff going on in almost every track…. Those tape delays and that spring verb man….) I also gave you the processed files from the mix and the raw files from when I tracked everything in. This is dope because you can see what I did to get things to sit in the mix the way I wanted them too (Im not the best at mixing, I get creative tho). So for the newer heads you can get a good idea of what makes things work for my music and for the more established heads maybe you can get an idea or two from the weird stuff I’m doing in these records or, you can process the raw sounds however you want.

Love and respect


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