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Fresh Baked Breaks

Fresh Baked Breaks


The first in the Fresh Baked Breaks series… The last pack was clean and polished... This one is that straight from the tape Raw. Big, Fat, Noisy, Beautiful tape sound. Got experimental with the patterns too. in addition to the traditional slump. You get some house, afrobeat and abstract grooves as well. Even tossed in a few fills to round things out.

Back to the sound though... Picked up a MX70 Reel to Reel tape machine and a Burl b2 bomber for conversion. 60’s preamps to Tape to a 70’s analog console to Neve summing, Calrec compression, and class A EQ. You can really feel the weight in the sounds. 

70+ loops (end points trimmed to be perfectly looped just by duplicating)
Classic analog tape sound
Traditional and experimental styles

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