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About me


Beat maker, Record Digger & Show Host. 

Currently averaging around a 500,000 impressions and 50,000 views a month with a following of a little under 20,000 over social media. Also averaging 185,000 monthly listeners via music streaming platforms.

"My endgame as an influencer is to inspire people to do more of the things that inspire them."

I post new videos almost daily on facebook, Instagram youtube and twitter.  Broadcast twice a week on facebook live once for "BEATS+CHILL" a intimate creative session from my house where I play a live mix and make something new from scratch ala "Rhythm Roulette". and once for "ControlleRISE" where I pull in some of the most talented producers in the city for a vibe session over anime live on location in Atlanta. I also produce 2-4 new music projects monthly on bandcamp, spotify, soundcloud, Itunes etc...  
Accepting show bookings as well as Influencer partnerships. 
For more information feel free to reach out at